Visualise carving into a juicy chicken breast and watching the juices pour down, slowing as they navigate around pieces of thyme, or imagine piercing a ravioli with your fork and spreading it around your buttery plate to smother on more flavour, or crunching fresh vegetables releasing succulent fragrant notes onto your tongue. At Bullion, we have created a butter you won’t stop salivating about, a butter that makes the most incredible sauce you want to baste and bathe all your food in.

Bullion is ‘the gold standard of butter’ – we want to bring rich gold back into people’s lives and put it centre stage. We’ve infused powerful flavours to create rich and fragrant butters that will enhance and enrich your food.

We started our family run business at the beginning of 2020. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world, we decided to sell our butters online for everyone to love and enjoy. All of our butter is hand-made in Surrey surrounded by green meadows and singing birds. No other butter comes close in packing as much flavour or fragrance – it’s a flavoured butter of memories.

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