What exactly is a truffle?

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 A Truffle is a fungi just like edible mushrooms. They grow underground near the roots of trees like Oak, Beach and Hazel and are an expensive delicacy that you will find on the most lavish dishes! The most expensive truffle ever cost $330,000 but they normally cost upwards of £1-2 per gram and shaved over a meal, you’ll use about 8 grams – it all adds up! They are usually found in Italy and France but you’ll be surprised to know that they can also be found in the UK in areas like Surrey and Kent too. They have a very unique and distinct aroma which is why they are mainly used to fragrant a dish. Typically, truffles weigh 25-60 grams and there are two main types of truffle: black and white. White truffle has a stronger smell and are found in a select few places like Italy, France and Croatia. Black Truffles are found more widely in Europe, Australia and even the US but are more common!

Interesting Fact: The largest truffle sold weighed 1.8KG! It was sold at in New York by Sotheby’s.  

Black Truffles

What does truffle taste like? 

It is very difficult to describe as nothing really tastes or smells like truffle, however, Black Truffles have a nutty, woody, mushroomy and musky flavour and white truffles are the same but slightly more garlicky and stronger. Does that help? Remember, truffles are mainly used for aroma not taste, so they are often shaved over dishes or infused with oils and butters.  

Truffles are so aromatic, all you need is tiny pieces in a large bottle of extra virgin olive oil to infuse and create a powerful drizzle.  

Grating white truffle

Where can I buy some truffle?

You can purchase truffle infused butter from Bullion Butter – Bullion Mushroom and Truffle Butter. This butter has white truffle and wild mushrooms infused to create a luxurious butter for to lift your dishes to a new level of luxury!

You can also buy truffle infused oils at your local supermarket but the real stuff is much harder to source. Remember, it only lasts a week of two before going off so you’ll most likely find it in a preservative format like in an oil or butter. Or if you are feeling rich, top restaurants will serve real truffles. We recommend Michelin star restaurant ‘Bancone’ in Covent Garden – their pasta dishes are exceptional and beautiful.

Bullion Mushroom and Truffle Butter


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